Customer Service (877) 392-3535
M-F, 9am to 5pm EST



Services must be paid to technician prior to or once arrived at destination


Owner/HOA Request Service be Disconnected/Suspended
Must be in Writing; via Email, Mail, Fax

2-3 days for reconnection
Must be in Writing; via Email, Mail, Fax

Expedited Reconnection
Same Day Reconnection Service in addition to the normal Reconnection Fee -Paid Immediately

Meter Data Log
Meter is Data Log is pulled and mailed to property owner
Must be paid upon request

Property Leak Inspection
Takes 5-7 Business Days

Meter Balance Request
Customer Service Rep/Property owner can request
Takes 5-7 Business Days

Property Repairs
See Price List for Approximate repair cost

Price Varies
Meter Accuracy Test
Meter is pulled and tested for accuracy
Must be paid upon request

Duplicate Statement Request
Price per statement for us to mail, or e-mail a copy of their monthly statement



 We accept all major credit cards. No personal checks, please
** If the inspection/services is of any fault of Jasber Utility Services no charge will be assesed to the customer


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